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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
A while ago I saw a picture of what looked like Seafire Mk.XV coloured glossy black on the topside and Sky(?) on the bottom. Pretty sure it isn't EDSG on the top. Would the Royal Navy/Serial Number SW847 be in red or grey. I have a Hobbycraft Seafire that's 97% finished and could do with a do-over
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This one?

There are a lot of opinions about this aircraft.

If I was modelling it I would do it a non standard dark blue over silver (aluminium or natural metal...not sure). I think that was the scheme suggested in one of the old Warpaint issues. It would look very nice indeed. I think the codes are grey (by comparison with the white of the roundel).

The picture was supposedly taken at Lee on Solent in 1946.

Just to muddy the water, here's another image taken in 1947


Now the codes look red (by comparison with the red of the fin flash)….You takes your pick :)


Now I'm starting to think that it is black...over silver....with red serial number.

The colour is darker than the roundel blue, which is itself a very dark blue.

It would make a great subject.


The pic above an the one posted in #7 has been taken with using the yellow filter. It is indicated by the clouds and the very light red colour and the almost white tone of the yellow ring of the roundels. In a such cause the RAF Blue used for roundels and the fin flesh is always very dark and looks like the black. SIlver ( aluminium ) one if oxidised , always looks like light grey. If these two images are compared to those shot posted in the #2 post the differences are clearly noticed.. I have some doubt about the pic in the #4. It seems that it was taken without the filter although the sky is dark and something line clouds can be noticed and the red of the fin flash is quite light. But the tone of the Blue there and the Red of the roundel says no filter rather.
So.. for the colour rendition I would base on the pic in the #2 post rather.The light sky indicates no filter used for taking of the shot. Also the red abd blue are of similar tones.

To continue..

Based on the image of the #2 post I would say the plane was gloss black at tops. The spinner was of the oxidised silver tone. Also the wheel hubs. The main landing gear legs were of the silver too. The colour of the undersides may be a trouble but IMHO it wasn't the silver paint. The different darker tone of the colour while comparing to the spinner allows to belive it was either the the Sky or the Medium Sea Grey. The glare at edges of the the wing , air intakes and the torpedo tank was caused by the gloss type of the paint or damp. No the metalic shining there also in the pic of #7 and #8 posts..
The Navy serial doesn't seem to be of red because it is much lighter the the red of the roundel. It can be noticed in the pic of the #2 post. I cut a piece of the roundel and moved closer to the serial. See blow. I my opinion the serial was either the Sky or MSG but silver rather no.. The tone of the letters there is much closer to the tone of the yellow ring of the roundel and the undersides. It might indicate the yellow component of the paint. That also can be the reason for being very light in the pics taken with the yellow filter. As far as the "walk" lines at the wing tops are concerned.... IMHO these were of silver. It can be noticed at the leading edges of the port wing especially . The lines are much lighter than the red of the roundels and fin flash ( pic in #7 and #8). The tone is very close to the spinner one. Of course I may be wrong.

I found another source (Hannants), but I don't know this how reliable.
Seafire 17 SW847 A Flight FCCRU FAA 799 NAS FAA RNAS Lee-on-Solent 1946
Good stuff gents. I've located the almost built model, just need to locate the sticky-outty parts. I may be able to get away from stripping the paint from the entire model....time will tell

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