Boeing 377 Stratocruiser C-97

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It must have one heck of a tail wind to make that trip in that time. It had to average almost 390 mph to cover the 2330 miles in that time! Impressive. But I am thinking a 50-70mph tail wind must have been involved. Great shot & thread.

But no Pictures of my Former Employer's Strato Cruisers? The Red tails of Northwest Orient?

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-So, if one wanted to superdetail a Stratocruiser cockpit, where would one put the lap strap/seat belt for the stools or the chairs at the desk?? I do see one (right side, front) with the belt bolted to the WOOD frame but how is the WOOD chair fixed to the deck?
Saw this very briefly on an episode of Murder She Wrote - hence the lousy phone camera shots.
I think the episode was dated 1988.
Very surprised to see one still flying then?
Then I noticed that ramp angle/inclination. Looks incredibly steep?


XC-97 43-27472 crashed 5 mi E of Dayton, OH May 22, 1947.




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