Boeing Dream Lifter: 747-LCF

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Glock Perfection
Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Attached is the Boeing Dream Lifter now painted. The LCF is to be used to ship oversized 787 parts for final assembly in Everett, Washington.


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bit of an ugly brute, if you ask me the hump should've extended forward to come over the cockpit, how does she open then? nose swings off to the side doesn't it?.......
Not likely. Look at the Super Guppies. Besides, outside cargo will likely support the handful of aircraft in some fashion post 787. Be it next generation aircraft production or private 135 operators.
Eventually. The Guppy and Super Guppy made quite a name for itself. Even hauling Franco-German Airbus parts.


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I think it is one hell of an ugly aircraft.

I would be so afraid the hinges would fail and the nose would open up in flight. Hightly unlikely though with all the wind.
adler do you agree with me and gnomey that she'd look better if the hump went right over the cockpit?

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