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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
I just realised no-one on here ever talk about the CAC Boomerang, so lets get some discussion going on it :D Cos I for one have heard very little about it and am interested in learning more.
Erm ok, well for starters, it was first designed as an emergency fighter. Carried four Brownings and two Hispano 20mm's. Funnily enough, they never made a prototype of it and the first one flew in 1942. Had a top speed of around 300 mph.


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The Boomerang was built with Harvard components,and was a very valuable fighter for the Aussies when they were caught with their backs to the wall. When they were being replaced with "better" British and American fighters, many pilots wanted to keep them. It has a kind of pugnacious charm, don't you think?
It was the only aircraft exclusively designed, built, and operated by the RAAF. No other nations used it.

It was also designed and built in under three months

And I think, if not elegant, it has a certain charm to it.

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