help with info on the boomerang

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Mar 6, 2007
i have heard alot of good and bad things about the boomerang but they were from bad sources. can you guys give me some pics and info on it. Thanks in advance.
Well the engine was underpowered but she was very manouverable.

heres some detail pictures..



this link will give you a good amount of info,
CAC CA-12 Boomerang Cockpit, Engine and Fuselage Details by Brett Green

theres a fair bit out there. I've got some books i could scan some stuff if your interested...

cheers heinz
As a fighter the Boomerang was lacking with it's slow speed and altitude performance, however at low level, it performed well with excellent manoeuvrability, good climb rate, decent range and good armament. It was at low level that the Boomerang excelled in its role of army co-op/ ground attack. It was ideal for zipping in and around valleys and mountains marking targets with either smoke or tracer fire for other a/c. In this role it gained an excellent reputation in what was dangerous work.

powerplant P&W 1200hp twin wasp
Armament 2x 20mm cannon, 4x .303 machine guns
Normal gross weight 7699lb
service ceiling 34 000ft
normal range 930 miles
max range (with drop tank) 1600 miles
max speed - sea level 277mph
max speed - 7 400ft 302mph
max speed - 15 500ft 305mph
max speed - 27 000ft 270mph
max speed - 30 000ft 260mph
cruising speed (15 000ft) 190mph
cruising speed (10 000ft) 175mph
climb rate (7368lb) 2 940ft/min
climb rate (7699lb) 2 150ft/min
time to climb to 10000ft 4min
time to climb to 15000ft 6.4min
time to climb to 20000ft 9.2min
time to climb to 25000ft 13.2min
time to climb to 30000ft 19.9min
total built 250 in 4 varients


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Boomerangs are so cool haha. They have character. I believe they were a failure as a fighter, but supporting troops in a ground attack role they were highly effective.

How about this question, what was a better plane the Wirraway or Boomerang?
Boomerang clearly

The wirraway was a rather dangerous plane, infact I was reading a book recently and not one of the Australian pilots who trained with them had a good word to say. Some tended to seize in flight and for whatever reason they decided to make the rudder pedals further foward than in the texan so Shorter pilots needed wooden blocks to reach them:shock:
How about this question, what was a better plane the Wirraway or Boomerang?

Bit hard to compare, both a/c performed well and won praise in the army co-op/ ground attack role however both were unsuitable in the fighter role. Wirraway's were blown out of the sky at Rabaul by superior enemy forces, something the Boomerangs did not come up agains't. When some of the Wirraway sqn's converted to Boomerangs in New Guinea some of the pilots were displeased as they preferred the Wirraway, in fact 5 sqn retained a few Wirraway's which fought along side their Boomerangs because they were more suited to some tasks ie arty spotting, recon etc.
The Wirrawy also has the distinction of training the many thousands of RAAF aircrew, something the Boomerang obviously did not do.
Guys,I've found there some more interesting infos on RAAF equipment,Thanks a lot.:D for both drawings and infos.:)

Shorter pilots needed wooden blocks to reach them:shock:

It remainds me one of pilots from my former squadron.He was short and when he was getting into Lim 6bis cockpit a technical crew had to set the rudder pedals closer and put a small pillow on its seat. :lol:
I just watched the video's and the Boomarang had a nice siren sound to it. Is that from the engine or the air flow?
Getti'n old like me. :)

I have some feelers out for an accurate set of CAC drawings. I'll let youse know what I come up with. :thumbup:

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