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So you want this thread to be ' things to do when you haven't got a wife/beer/book/life ....thread' have I got that right?
Sounds like when you have flu ( or are heart broken) and can't go out, you can't concentrate so readings out of the question, and if you drink any more beer, you will have to go on E bay and see if someone is selling a liver!!!
jeez the memories!!!!!
OK so we now list 'all' the boring stuff we have tried during though times yer? Is that what you are asking us to do Lancs.
Here are the sad est... OR are there some ever more sad?

....... googling all your friends names.
........ putting things into google to see if you can google wack it.
....... tracking down people on friends re united ( even seeing if your ex is listed...).
Try not to judge me :( I have had alot of flu ;)

pretty good gusy but remember, i have no beer because i'm 14, i try to stay away from porn out of principle and i have to come off the computer sometime so maybe something non computer related??

and i never actually had a goal in mind when making this thread, i really was just boored.........
I didn't say you had to look at the porn, just see how many pages you get before you see a description or a URL that is definitely porn. There was a placed I worked at where we had that as a game. My persoanl best at the time was 7 screens. I don't remember the word that I used for the search though.

Off the computer, eh...How 'bout read a book, do a crossword, get outside and go for a walk. If it's night-time, you could always go cow-tipping. ;)
I'd be more keen on chowderizing them.


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Put the lime in the coke, you nut, and drink it all up!

Actually, cheese (I use Black Diamond one year aged Canadian Cheddar) plus olives plus Coke with lime equals good!

I usually read when bored, though...

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