BV 141

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Apr 15, 2005
What advantages could this radical design possibly give? It just blows my mind!


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That might be the uglies aircraft I've ever seen. I would think that the center of gravity must still be near the center of the wing. I would think that movement about your vertical and lateral axes must be effected somewhat, since the moment applied is offset to the port side of the wing. Hopefully, one of those aero guys will get in here... Soren???
Not sure the validity of this because it is Wiki but here is what has been said about it.

"It would seem that the displacement of lift vs weight, and thrust vs drag, would have induced tendencies to yaw and roll requiring continual trimming to control, but the aircraft proved very stable and maneuverable. Indeed Dr. Vogt had calculated that the greater weight on one side of the aircraft could be cancelled out by the torque of the propeller."

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