Bye Bye

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Jul 2, 2006
Kiwi Land
Well the movers arrive in an hour.

We are off from Auckland (big naff city of 1 million people too many) to a small town in sunny Motueka of about 3,000 people.

A one acre section, 4 bedroom house that backs onto a 1 mile private beach. awaits.

Oh well we have to share the beach with three other houses but you can't have everything. :p

7 days untill I can get moved in and set up our business again, which will be the longest I have been away from a computer or my busines in over 10 years. (including our honeymoon :shock: )

See you all until next week.
Sounds beautiful brutha. I too will be moving next summer from Dallas Tx (about 1.2 million + another million in surrounding cities) to a town of 1100 people. I CANT WAIT.

Send us some pics of the beach!!!!

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