Calling all cars....need your help in identifying this aircraft

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Good afternoon -

The photo posted below is currently for sale on So far, attempts to positively identify the type by members of the Luftwaffe Experten Message Board and All About Warfare II have been inconclusive. We do at least agree that this is a Beute (captured) aircraft and not of German origin. We also agree that this photo is the first known example of this particular aircraft type in Luftwaffe markings and therefore exceptional.

Lucien Morareau (FR) suggested that this might be a De Havilland DH 94 Moth Minor; which is certainly plausible when compared to the representative Moth Minor photo on the de Havilland Moth club site.

The de Havilland Moth Club Home Page

However, Tom Willis (UK) a recognized expert in Beute aircraft history, pointed out that the shape of the forward cowl does not seem to match the representative photo. Both Tom and Holger Loersch have suggested that this might be an unknown French type; which is equally plausible.

Jan van den Heuvel (ND), also a recognized expert in Beute aircraft history, and owner of the largest, original Beute aircraft photo collection I know of, leans toward the Moth Minor. I agree with both Lucien and Jan, but think that this is a Moth Minor with a special order engine installation.

I Emailed a copy of the photo to Stuart McKay of the de Havilland Moth club and am waiting for a reply.

Any help that you can give would be most appreciated. 8)



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According to K.Kolczynski and A.Glass' article in "Lotnictwo" magazine no.3/2007 it is the captured Polish PWS-40 training aircraft for flying clubs.The plane was built by PWS factory in 1938/39.There is a factory logo under the windscreen.One plane was assembled only.Earlier, it was stated that the airplane was destroyed during the German air raid in September of 1939.So it has been the first known pic of the a/c.

wingspan 10,20 m
lenght 7,30 m
high 2,0 m
weight 340 kg
max.weight 580 kg
engine Avia 3 - 60 hp
speed 145 km/h
max.speed 170 km/h
vertical speed 2,5 m/s
ceiling 3200 m
range 500 km


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