Can I ask you ALL a favour, please?

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Hello folk's

Some people here will know me but this is directed at all. On September 10th one of the member's of the Pacific Fighters Flight Sim Squad I belong, "The Hells Gazelles" is getting married. His name is Crobarr and few the past year or so he's been battling against cancer. He stills play's with our Squad even though sometimes the treatment he's having at the moment makes him very sick indeed and he finds playing with us and life a bit of a struggle at the moment :cry:

Me and Nutter (Another Member of the H.G's) have set up a Site for him with a Guest Book attached. I know it would make his big day just that little bit more special if you could sign it for him.

For anyone who know's Crobarr please do not mention it to him as we're gonna surpise him nearer the day with it and with as many names as we can get ;)

Thanks for reading this and taking the time out :D

Here's the Link:

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I was sorry to hear about ol' Crobarr. It's good that he's hanging in, and I hope he licks this thing once and for all.
So he finally decided to tie the knot, eh? That's great. :)

In case you're wondering, I did sign the guest book but I used the "old name". 8-[
He wouldn't have a clue who Nonskimmer was anyway. In fact he probably doesn't remember me at all, but what the hell.
Hey, I noticed he signed the guest book, so at least he's still alive. :cool:
I also noticed that someone signed it Oleg Maddox, saying "All the best from Moscow!". I wonder if it was actually him.

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