Can it really be?

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We hope. It's been promised before, along with the flyable Ju-88, only to not show up at all. Ol' Oleg did say that not all of the planes on the list "might" make it into the patch. In other words, there's sure to be some let-downs. I hope we do get the Mossie (hopefully flyable) along with the flyable Tempest.
Personally I'd like to have seen a few more ship models, but that's just me. A British destroyer would be nice to go along with the Illustrious, and maybe a Yorktown class carrier, a Japanese submarine, a couple of cruisers besides the Kirov and Indianapolis, etc, etc.

But what the hell, eh? It's another free patch with more planes! :thumbright:
idd really liked to fly b-17' and b-29'
s in that game.. you know.. just messing around with bombers :D
Even just an AI Lancaster would've been nice. For that matter, even a Halifax or Wellington. There isn't a single British heavy bomber in the entire selection of planes.
Hehe done it. Lol. I put up about 10 of them to attack that German Flak cruiser. All shot down. Heh.

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