Can someone explain the "confirmed" and "unco

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Feb 23, 2005
Just wondering. I see people with low posts and a high confirmed kill count and high posts with a low confirmed kill count.

How exactly doe the accounting work and what is the purpose?
I think it's the amount of stuff you put in the posts- if you just put "nice pics" all the time you'll not get many but if you write an essay you'll get loads. Also if you post more than a certain amount in a day you exceed the number of allowed posts and don't get any kills for it
But what's the purpose? Does it affect rank? What is the advantage, if any, of exchanging unconfirmed for conformed kills?
Well now, that's the big mystery. :-k
No one seems to really know, not even the admins. It seems like at least once a month someone asks the question, but no one has ever managed to find the answer. :lol:
Yep, along with "Why do the USAF use a different mid-flight refuelling system?" ;)

The reason my kills are so low is because im on here A LOT, and never get anything :lol: If im away for about a day, ill be able to come on here and score a few, but about 10 posts later it will stop giving me them ;)

I wish we had proper awards that are actually also awarded in real life.
well you're not very good at it..........

and i like the ranking system, i'm the only General of the Air Force on the site, as such after the mods and admins i'm next in command!!

man i wish we had british ranks...........

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