Can someone help me identify this aircraft?

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Feb 23, 2007
I recently found a bunch of old picture negative that were taken by my Grandfather during WWII. Now that I've gotten them developed I want to know "what" is in the pictures. I've attached a picture I need help with, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Do you have any ideas as to the name of the plane, I can clearly see "sky sc???"

Thanks Again
That's what I was trying to figure out. I even downloaded the picture and enlarged it but that didn't help. It wasn't listed on the "Best B-24 Site." The folks there may be able to help as well as they specialize in the B-24.

Hope this helps, good luck!
With the nautical motif...

Sky Skowt or Sky Skow I or Sky Skow II - Some sort of play on words with the type of boat/schooner referred to as a scow?
Thanks for all of the information I'm new to this but it is truly fascinating, I'm digging out old photo albums to find additional pictures of the aircraft. Hopefully I can find a picture that will show additional areas, in which the plane can be identified.

Thanks Again
Groovy, was he aircrew? If so, do you know which ship(s) he flew in?

Fade to Black...

He flew Out of this World and was the Pilot - he got in about a dozen missions before the war ended. I've posted this before but here's his plane. He's in the back row second from left. His son (my father in law) went on to become a B-1 test pilot during its production days.


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My Uncle Robert S. Tibbetts was a turret gunner on Sky Scow, KIA on 1 Oct. 1944. Perhaps the same plane? I e-mailed the picture to my surviving Uncle, I will let you know if he recognizes the plane. He has pictures too.
It is a B-24 Liberator. I can tell because of the specific nose shape curve.
No need to thank me, oh thanks for the challenge.

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