Can someone tell me what plane this prop acme off please?

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Apr 14, 2007
Hi, Hope someone can please help. A friend has found this large aircraft propeller blade in the garden of a house he has bought. I am trying to find what plane it could have come from.
The blade has a Curtiss Electric Propeller logo and measures 67 inches long. It is made of metal, possibly aluminium and it weighs just under 30 Kg. There are some painted numbers on the blade but they are not very clear.
Roughly the first line reads DWGN0 89303-10.
The second line reads SER NO 231..... the rest of the numbers cant be seen. On the next two lines the word ANGLE is printed but again the numbers cant be seen very well.
Looking on Google I found a picture of a very similar blade, it was on a B-24. I don't know if this is the same blade as his I cant find any details on how long the blades measured.
Hopefully the picture of my friend's prop will show up on my post. If not I will submit a link to a photo hosting sight.
Would love to hear from anyone that thinks they can help.
Cheers Mark (in the UK)


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Interesting mystery. There are quite a few planes that used the Curtiss Electric props. Early P-47 Thunderbolts used the Curtiss Electric blades before going to Hamilton Standards. Either way, it's a neat find. Finding one in that shape is real nice too.
I did a little looking on my local drive. With the prop hub, that would most likely have come from an airplane with a 13 foot diameter prop. Here is a list of airplanes that had that size prop, there may be others.
Martin Mars

It should also be noted that soem of the early Lockheed Constellations used that same prop.
It could be from a B-24 also. The propeller diameter on the B-24 was 139 inches, so half of that is 69.5. Minus the size of the hub, that would put the propeller blade about 67 inches.
Any chance of you telling us the locality ( nothing specific,of course, maybe a town) - this could possibly help with finding local airfields, and units that may have operated there, and their aircraft.
Found this about testing of a P-38:

B. The airplane was equipped with Allison V-1710-89 91 engines, type B-33 turbo superchargers with A-13 turbo regulators and Curtiss Electric three blade propellers, blade design numbers 89303-18 and 88996-18, left and right respectively. All power figures are based on a power curve from Eng. Spec. No. 162, dated 30 November 1942.

Yea I know 89303-18, BUT maybe it's looks like a 0 instead of 8?

WOW! Thanks for your prompt replies.

The prop was found on the Wirral (eight miles from Liverpool). I don't know if this is were the plane was, just that it was in a garden on display. It could have come from anywhere. I am presuming these planes listed above (sorry I'm no expert) were from the USA? Where was the nearest USA base (if there was one) in the UK?

Looking at the numbers the 0 could be an 8. The blade has been varnished or it could be the old lacquer coming off so its hard to see the numbers. If it is an 8 what does this mean? Do the numbers look like a correct part number?

The reason I need the information is so I can list the item correctly on EBay or any other selling site as unfortunately my friend has no interest in keeping it.
Do you know what sort of price these blades usually go for? What do you think I should write as the title of my auction to get the best response?

Many thanks Mark
If it's an 8, then in my post ^^^^ is about the P-38. The rest of the numbers match
the prop number except for the -10. I'll see if I can find out the prop. #'s for the
B-24, but I expect the first numbers aren't the same.

Ok the b-17/b-24 used a blade number of 6477A-0. So probably isn't from those bombers.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Curtiss prop on the P-47 were all paddle-bladed.
The P-47's that had the needle props were all Hamiton Standards from what I can
Kings Drive. Small world hey?

Mmmm the reason I asked was this blade came from Irby. Will find out where and get more information from my mate in the morning. He is going to bring the prop to my house and I am going to carefully peel the lacquer off that's covering the painted numbers to try and get more info.

Turns out he cleared some rubbish from a garden there and the owner said take it. My mate was about to take it to the tip. It was still on the back of his van ready to go. I saw it and said he should keep it. He is not that bothered, just wants it to go but now is thinking it could be worth something! Should have kept my mouth shut! ha.

Cheers Mark
Burtonwood near Warrington was a huge U.S.A.A.F. repair facility during and after WW2. I would suggest that the prop blade came from there as that is not too far from Wirral.

I would suggest that the blade was declared "us" and someone claimed it as a souvenir.
Hi Folks....well you were right! I spoke to the previous owner of the prop and he says it belonged to his father in law. He worked at Lockheed and had this prop from a P-38J. He is trying to find me pictures and the airframe number.

Can anyone tell me what sort of price this prop blade is valued at?
Do you know anyone who would be interested in purchasing it?

Will give you more information when I get it. Thank you all for your help so far, I really appreciate it.
Cheers Mark
I have managed to clear some of the varnish back and found the rest of the numbers. the four lines read as follows.

DWG NO 89303-18 (the 8 at the end could be a 0, but to be honest looks like an 8 )
SER NO 231487

Do these numbers tally up with your records? Any further information would be really appreciated.
Many thanks Mark
According to the report below the 89303-18 was on the P-38 (as mentioned before):

P-38J Performance Test

The airplane was equipped with Allison V-1710-89 and 91 engines, type B-33 turbo superchargers with type A-13 turbo regulators and CUrtiss Electric three bladed propellers, blade design numbers 89303-18 and 88996-18, left and right respectively.

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