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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Due to the recent increase of conversation including cars, i have created this topic to keep it out of the aviation forums :D

anyway, the greatest car of all time had to be the mini 8) :D
Well, it has got good road holding...

:scratch: .......... :laughing3:




:indian: don't know, I love the DB9 but I love the GT40 as well...DAMN YOU ASTON MARTIN FOR MAKING SUCH A DAMN GOOD CAR!!!
:lol: Nice paint job on that mini though, uh?
but it has a rollcage and a ramming bar and a racing bucket seat and a sports steering wheel and aluminium racing pedals and has checker plate everywhere and has a racing airfilter which sucks in air to make it sound like a turbo and it has knobbly tyres and me as an owner! :lol:

anyone see top gear lastnight?
But...C.C it's a metro. :lol:

No, I didn't I was at the pub. I wanted to see that SLR as well.
it was pretty darn good, they hypnotised hammond and he was doing a road test on childs pedal 911, and the hypnotist made him forget how to drive a car, funniest episode of it i think ever :lol:

as for the SLR, it set the fastest time round the track by 3 seconds ;)

next week, theyre comemmorating the 24th anniversary of of the metro, otherwise known as "the british car to beat the world" :lol:
I reckon it could, it is a good car, not just fast. Did they have any more cars for the 'cool board'?
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