CFS 1 gone from the Zone, Looking for options

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You're not kicking a dead horse, fellow CFS pilot:)
2 squads are still alive; you'll find them here, now it's up to you chose the side you'll fly for. We play IP games on week-ends. Wargames on saturdays, and each squad trains separately on fridays and sundays.

JG57 - Home

Hope to meet you soon in the CFS1 virtual skies8)

Oberst Kurt Tanzer, JG57 Geschwader Adjutant

muwahaha Herr Rall, I just found out that's you made this post LOL!!!!
Do you like flying the B17?
CFS1 Multiswap Custom Bomber Missions!

The 379th "Virtual" Bomb Group uses the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1 (Europe Series), to re-live the skies over Western Europe during the years of WWII (1943-1945).
We primarily fly the B-17 Heavy Bomber and we re-create some real, as well as fictional campaign missions. We fly as an ALLIED bomber team using the mission "Multiswapper", against "AI" (computer generated) enemy German planes and ground targets with plenty of flak!

We do this as a hobby not competition. It's relaxing, fun, and because we're all on the same side there's never any mods or cheats.

It had to be Rall... there was only 4 people in Vermont and I left, so that leaves Rall and two cows I believe. hehe

Hey Buddy,
I ate the cows. So its just me now. The name Ferlin is an old Excite VP handle.
I was one of the avatar painters when VP was still around.

I joined here as Ferlin at first. But, I lost my log-in info so rejoined this forum as RAll. Almost got banned for that one. But the moderator understood my old timers disease. :lol:

Stop by the JG57 Forum We have gone through some changes. We are putting an allied squad together and flying add-ons only. We hope that is the solution to people crying "CHEAT".

I was thinking of your squad the other day and was wondering how it was going. Also I was wondering if you and maybe a couple of your pilots would like to fly our captured B-17 Wolf Hound in bomber intercept training.

Well good to see your still in the game.

Oh, the days. I wonder if I could still crank up the old game and find mates for a Pitts in Paris session..


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