CG-4A Glider

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Aug 21, 2006
Well I have'nt found a pilots manual yet but have found some nice manuals that go very well with the aircraft. So I started this form, maybe some one will find the pilot manual. Below are what the manuals are about.

1. Glider retrivial system
2. Glider Deceleration system
3. Glider Tow Ropes

Document's came from here. Silent Wings Museum

Picture from here
WACO CG-4A Glider, Vector Illustration Portfolio

Enjoy Micdrow


  • Glider deceleration parachute.pdf
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  • Glider retrieval system.pdf
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  • Glider Tow Ropes.pdf
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  • WacoGlider_CG4A.jpg
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Cool stuff! I work on the USAFA Sailplane program which has its roots back to WW2 - I'm going to share this stuff with some of those guys...

During WW2 CG-4A had a wing depart at the factory during a exhibition flight killing the company president and the Mayor of St. Louis!
Maybe your friends will also enjoy this article on the 53 Black Jack Troop Transport Squadron by the Air Command and Staff Collage.

Enjoy Micdrow :lol:


  • 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron.pdf
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I actually own a copy, Just havent had time to scan it, been working way to much as of late, but it will be coming. I just like to keep Lancaster on his toe's.


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