Churchill AVRE

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Jul 3, 2006
Land of hope and Glory
I was just wondering about the main gun of the Churchill AVRE. Its was the 280mm SPIGOT mortar (right?), but was it breech or muzzle loading? Iv'e seen pictures of a SPIGOT mortar being used by Home Guardsmen, and it looks definately Muzzle loading. My question is, was the weapon modified for tank use, or did the crews fire one shot and retreat?
It was muzzle loading - one of the main criticisms of it was that the loader had to stick his body out of the tank to load it.

EDIT - forgot to answer the rest of your question. I'm not sure what you mean by modify - it was particular to the CHurchill's development for that role (so it says in "Churchill's Secret weapons: The Story of Hobart's Funnies"). And yes, after firing and to protect the loader, the tank did have to retreat. But then again, it wasn't meant to be an attacking tank anyway, but an infantry support weapon.
I remember many years ago seeing ( I dont think it was a Hobart Funny) a tank trap dozer picture, based on a pair of tandem Churchills that I believe produced a 12ft ditch on a single pass. Any of you guys either seen the picture of heard of this?. If memory serves me right the picture showed Winston Churchill standing along side the trench containing the dozer.
I don't think I have but it certainly sounds like one of those ideas that is possible...

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