Columbian drugplane chase..

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Apr 2, 2005
hi: I founded this video..

The US military working with Columbian Narco police track and chase a private jet loaded with cocaine over the amazon jungle. The Columbians know that if they reach the boarder in 10 miles they will be untouchable. Seek and Destroy.



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It cought fire before it blew. Was it fired on or did the guy get fod in the engine which caused him to lose power and go in?

Did he lose power and go in or did he blow up in mid air?

I think, at one point in the run, someone said there was a T27 after it. Looked up the specs and the top end is something like 300mph. But the drug runner was supposed to be a jet. Shouldn't it outpace the T27 (the chase plane was all over the drug runner)?

Just odd points that came to mind.

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