Coming publication : air war over french Ardennes mid'40-late'43

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May 7, 2006
Dear friends,

I'd like to tell you about the coming edition of "Air War over the Ardennes departement, Part 1 (July 1940 to December 1943)" (Original french title : La Guerre Aérienne au-dessus du département des Ardennes Vol.1 (juillet 1940-décembre 1943) ).

Here is the editor's announcement :

" This book is about air activity -especially casualties- over the french Ardennes, from July 1940 to December 1943 (Part 1). During these four years, among 160 aircrafts, both Axes and Allies, were shot down over that small french path towards Germany.

Following most of the air industry new technologies and air detection innovations, that book describes all the losses, with details on the places where aircrafts were found, on their crews destiny, missions objectives and reasons of the planes crashes.
It also reveals the relationships between the rescued airmen and pilots with the local french population and, sometimes, how some of them managed to come back in United Kingdom. Part 2 will be about 1944 and 1945 years (coming soon). "

This book is an opened subscription until november 15 (publication) with, of course, a more attractive price. It contains 120 pages (17x24,50cm), 80 photographs and at least 20 colour profiles -I did some of them .

Just take care that it's not been translated so text is in french.

Here is the official small website :

Related translated page :

A small profile preview (resized for internet) :


You can ask me anything you need about this book. Thanks for reading !

Best Regards,


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