Commie Monster Building Video

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Coincidentally, I've found one of my friends' website with videos from the Vítkov Victory Monumental Building or know as the Liberation Memorial, which is in Prague, on and in the Vítkov hill. His speaking isn't best but you get the picture.




The building was built after the WW2 by the Communist bureau, in the so-called Socialst Relaism architecture style. It is a huge monster concrete building, just like all those Eastern Block were/are... It was used for meeting of the Party and later on, as a Mausoleum - the 1st Czechoslovak Communist president Klement Gottwald (who, by the way, died of an heartattack when flying to Stalin's burrial... LOL) was used to be shown up there.
I really don't know whether the building is accessable, but I'm quite doubtful about it. I'd love to go there... Also on the Vítkov hill, there's the biggest ride statue in the World - Jan Žizka z Trocnova.

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