Cool Il2 vid I found on Google

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Now that was well done. Actually kinda sad, for a game vid.
I didn't know Fine Young Cannibals sang Ave Maria. :lol:

How the hell did they make the pilots scramble to their planes like that? I've never seen that before.
I know what you mean - think the music gives it that sadness. It took me a while to realise as it edit's back to the staff car driving past the line of planes each time there are some planes missing.

Some of those battles looked pretty fierce!
I'd say that we post all future vids in the IL-2 videos thread

If only the camera really shook like that when things happened in IL-2
and i wonder how those dudes made pilots scramble to the plane
Tough call. All very good. Creative. These guys thought it out and mapped it out very well. Hope it was some kind of school project or something 'cause it doubtless took some time.

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