D-Day Spitfire BBMF

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Apr 6, 2005
Something form last year's TV coverage of the anniversary of DDay.

Nice video shame about the commentary.


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Outstanding! Seeing the Lancaster fly-past was a bit stirring, I must say! Thanks for posting this Roy. Watching the Spitfire display was terrific also.:thumbleft:

Incidentally, a great uncle of mine was part of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion that went in with 6th British Airborne, so it was gratifying to hear that mentioned as well. :cool:
Its great to see haw proud fill english people about their roll in ww2. I spend last two summers in leeds,(and there I will be the next...), and its really easy to find the popies everywhere....
That 'historian' didn't have a clue! First off, they weren't Bf-109s, they were Fw-190A8s. Secondly, that wasn't all the Allied Air Forces saw of the Luftwaffe on 6th June. Thirdly, why weren't the Canadians mentioned on the beach landings?
I got annoyed and stopped watching it because he said "Britain and U.S landings on the beaches..." I know, who'd think I'd get annoyed because someone forgot to mentioned Canada? Hell, I forgot them in my Spitfire speech... :lol:

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