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Nov 2, 2010
So I'm hosing down my garage and I got my Stars And Stripes waving proudly in the breeze in front of my house when one of the young neighbors walking by with her kids and dogs pauses just to remind me it's past Memorial day. Naturally I thanked her for her astute, very intelligent observation, and, by golly, it worked, she shut up and they moved on. :salute:
If there is one day i yearn to see the stars and stripes it has to be this date. Followed by the union jack, canadian marple, polish lion and anything that landed on the beaches to slay the beast. The soviet steam roller thrashing the evil in front of it.
It is a glorious date.
A few years ago, when I was substitute teaching, I was in a room when one of the teachers brought in her grandfather, who had been one of the soldiers in the first wave at Point du Hoc. He was telling what his June 6, 1944 was like. I'm sure the teachers got much more out of it than did the children (they were in 3rd or 4th grade).
Had a good friend who was with the 82nd Airborne and part of Mission Boston.
He never spoke much about it, aside from it being a "slow-rolling cluster f**k", although he did mention that it seemed every German stronghold they "cleared out" had wine or Cognac to some extent.
I am sure there was a little Calvados too. If you havnt tried it, put a bottle on your bucket list.
I never realized that the individual airborne segments got their own codenames.

The glider and paratroop assaults each had their own "Mission" codenames and those were under Operation Neptune's parameters, which was part of several named operational phases of Overlord.

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