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Tech Sergeant
Apr 6, 2005
Someone sent me this clip - had us in fits... so it is good to share... isn't it? Yes mummy.


  • stupiddog_530.wmv
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You have probably heard of this - maybe even seen it... DG gives a stirling performance doing Stairway to Heaven.

Led Zep fanatics may not be quite so amused.


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The little dog video is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

I felt my head was going to explode for I couldn´t put my laughter into control and almost fell from my chair.


I noticed the same thing you did, however, i do not think it was not any recoil force pushing our little friend to the side.

I think it was rather he noticed the rocket leaving the tube -very close to his face- and somehow wanted to "avoid it". Something that made the whole thing even funnier.

Laughing is a very healthy thing.

Thanks for posting that great shot.
Always sad to watch this band's videos because of the late great Stuart Adamson. He of the Skids and famous for his distinctive guitar sound.
Fields of Fire. Excellent song a bit dodgy as a video tho IMHO.


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You remember the fairy-teeth?.. GOOD-ONE



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One of England's funniest men... JC doing a tune in his own inimitable way...


  • jasper_carrot_live_on_bbc_598.wmv
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Went to a great concert the other night - the first night of the FF tour at NEC B'ham UK. Took along the equipment. Got some audio-less movies of all three bands so I thought I would share some with you.


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