Data Base: Japanese Aircraft Engines

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Thank you. I know this takes time away from your computer work. I saw your work on the A6M in another thread and realize you are in demand so I appreciate your dedication to giving us this information on Japanese engines. I know I couldn't find this anywhere in the US except from you.
Mitsubishi Kasei, A18 and A20 aero-engines.

Once again I thank you for your time. I appreciate that you care enough about our interest to do this work which takes away from your real work for which you get paid. Many thanks my friend.
Thanks ed, MiTasol and Paul for kind words.
Frankly, translation work is not so enjoyable as CGI but I am glad if you might have enjoyed.


This is re-edition of my old translation of page 183 to adjust the format.
Contents are same.

How come US and Japanese power curve for Ha-45-21 differs?

Japanese state
1990hp at SL with WEP
1625hp at 6100m with Military Power

US on the other hand state 1970hp at SL with WEP
1675hp at 6100m with Military Power
My translation could have told -

Nakajima NK9H aka Ha-45-21
Rated power 1860hp @1750m
1620hp @6100m
Take-off power 2000hp

No idea about other sources.

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