Dewoitine D520 in Italian hands

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Jan 17, 2011



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Thankyou. Were these aircraft (i believe about 50 were acquired by the RA) deployed to Sardinia for defence of that island? I have a vague memory that they were......
Some more photos.

D520 Dewoitine Regia Aeronautica

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AFAIK, no D520 were used over Sardinia, but I will do a more accurate search.

From wiki (quick translation with GT)

Service with the Regia Aeronautica

About sixty of these planes were used in combat by the Regia Aeronautica. Italian pilots especially appreciated the Hispano-Suiza 20mm cannon and - at least in 1941 - performance and behavior in flight. The first three Dewoitines were assigned to the 2nd Stormo, based on the Turin-Caselle airport, where they were used for the defense of the aerial region of the Piedmontese capital. Others D.520 were captured in Montélimar, Orange, Istres, Aix-en-Provence. They were first transferred to the airport of Villanova d'Albenga where they were provisionally assigned to the 8th Group of the 2nd Wing and taken over by the local SRAM, which then proceeded to sort them to the various departments. On February 8, 1943, there were ten Dewoitines on this airport, but on the 25th of the same month, four were assigned to the 22nd Group, based on Naples Capodichino.

At the beginning of 1943, a good quantity of these planes became available. The ace Luigi Gorrini was one of the pilots who had the task of transferring the D.520 "prey of war" in Italy for the intended use "in defense of the fatherland". Gorrini remembered having transported several dozen of these aircraft from various French airports or from the Toulouse factory. For the sergeant major pilot of the 3rd Wing, the 520 was "a good car, even if not very good", lower than the Macchi M.C.200, except for the presence of the Hispano-Suiza HS 404 20mm cannon. On 21 May 1943, the Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe agreed to exchange a game of 39 Lioré-et-Olivier Le.0.451 aircraft, captured by our troops in the SNCASE factory in Ambérieu (Lyon), with a stock of 30 D.520 . Later, in the spring-summer of 1943, the Dewoitines were used by the 161rd Autonomous Group, deployed in southern Italy with the 163th Squadriglia in Grottaglie, the 162th Squadron in Crotone and the 164th in Reggio Calabria. [10]

On July 31, 1943, the Regia Aeronautica still held 47 Dewoitine. After the armistice, three D.520, previously in service with the 24th Group (XXIV Group), are used by the Italian Social Republic for training.

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