**** DONE: GB-48 1/72 A6M5c Zero - Carrier & Maritime Patrol A/C of WWII

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Airman 1st Class
Jul 1, 2020
Turin - Italy
Username : Berny5664
First name :Bernardo
Category : intermediate
Scale : 1/72
Manufacturer/model : Academy / A6M5c Zero type 52c
Hello, it is my first time to try to partecipate a GB.
I don't know if I do all in the right way... Please help me to do

Thank you
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For my fist step it is all...
I am almost to finish the model ...hope next time ...so I'm to hope to do all in right way...
Thank you
Thank you Wayne,
yes a quick work in the while that I'm doing a long and difficult one...
The Airfix Spitfire 1:24. 😱😱😉

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