**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Bf 109E-3 Swiss – WWII Foreign Service

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Vic Balshaw

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Jul 20, 2009
Username: Vic Balshaw
First name: Vic
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Model: Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3 Swiss
Scale: 1/48
Extras: Eduard FE205, Detail Set. Eduard EX019, Masks. Kora Models, Nose Art Decal. Laser 148017, Seat Belts. Master Model AM-48-009, Armament Set. Quick Boost QB 48 085, Exhausts. ResKit RS48-0339, Wheels Set and maybe some scratch building.

20220629 1.JPG

The first of 80 Bf 109s began arriving in Switzerland between April 1939 and the German invasion of France in the summer of 1940. The Swiss named these aircraft Bf 109 DB, and the the aircraft were delivered without any weapons and radios, the aircraft being fitted with locally manufactured weapons and radios.

These aircraft were used in the defense of Switzerland and the first defense was recorded on 10 May 1940 when a Dornier Do 17 was intercepted near the border of Bütschwil. The ensuing exchange of fire saw the Dornier hit and it was forced to land near Altenheim. There were several other exchanges during WWII and the Emil's continued in service until late 1949.

Source: Wikipedia & BritModeller.com.

Lots to do on this build and thanks to our good friend Wojtek I'm well verse with some 25 changes that would be required to make this machine an authentic Swiss Bf 109. Needless to say some are very minor and on this scale some would look like a pimple on a pumpkin, literally. So they may not be attempted, but I will try to do the main ones by either raiding the spares box or scratching something up from Evergreen and rest assured when they are being attempted, I'll cover it with pics. I also have a choice of two colour schemes and as yet I'm undecided which to plum for.

The two choices:

20220629 5.jpg

20220629 4.jpg

This second was was not adopted until later in the war about the time they were turning a blind eye to German activity Swiss rail yards close to the border. By this time the Allies had latched onto such activity in Switzerland and had started daylight bombing of the yards.

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They do a great dish of melted cheese over potatoes and with a good glass of Petite Arvine..............................a treat.
Its been a long stressful day with two medical appointment which are both referring me onto specialists (problems not related) that will definitely require a biopsy, one under full anesthetic. So to try and take my mind off these events I decided to make a start.

With this being a Swiss aircraft, a number of changes need to be made and the most obvious cockpit one is the joy stick (control stick).
20230302 1.jpg

The kit supplied part.
20230302 2.JPG

Hunting through my bits and pieces box I came across this piece. Great I though, soon have this sorted.
20230302 3.JPG

A little bit of heat over a small candle, that should do the trick.....................................................NO! I also managed to break the other end off.
20230302 4.JPG

Back to the bits and pieces box and I came up with a couple of bit like this that looked promising.
20230302 5.JPG

My first effort without heat and by just gentle pressure. Not bad but also not passable.
20230302 6.JPG

I was pondering my next move and shuffling through all the bits I've listed for inclusion in this build when I came across this tucked in with the extra decals I had purchased.
20230302 7.JPG

Problem solved.
At this point I decided "enough is enough" and jacked it in for the day. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. :facepalm: :banghead: :cry: :D
Little bit more progress today but it has been slow going on account of it being fiddly.

First up the control column all set for fitment.
20230304 1 (1).JPG

Next I started on the port side wall which needs a little enhancement to the throttle control.
20230304 1 (2).JPG

The trim wheel will be sorted once the initial RLM 02 has been applied.
20230304 1 (3).JPG

Leaving the stbd wall for the moment I worked on the rudder bar which looked a bit chunky.
20230304 1 (4).JPG

20230304 1 (5).JPG

"Oh" and as were all showing workstations, this is mine as I worked at it today.
20230304 1 (6).JPG

And "YES" I also have a window, but its not much of a view, its on the south side of the house so nos, no veggie patch, no bottlebrush or even soil, but I do get a lot of spiders come calling.
20230304 1 (7).JPG

Enjoy your day folks as many of you will just be waking up to the weekend or just turning in for the night. :D

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