Dream Flight Sims?

Discussion in 'Other aviation games/sims' started by BombTaxi, Jun 29, 2009.

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    I was just thinking about the kind of flight sims that have tended to dominate the market over the decade and a half or so I have been into the genre, and it struck me there a few main 'types' - WW2, modern fast jets, and WWI Western Front. I was also thinking that these genres do not really cover the battles and aircraft I would love to play. So, what would people consider to be their 'dream' hypothetical sims - the ones we could play if developers didn't have to worry about profit margins :lol: Mine would be

    - A sim of the RAF night bomber campaign and the LW nightfighter campaign to counter it - with the systems modelling to show off H2S, Monica and all the German radars etc.(Shame that Target For Tonight never made it, that would have been a great step in this direction).

    - A top-class modern sim of the F-14 Tomcat. This hasn't been done since Fleet Defender, and I'm sure that there would still be a market for it.

    -Sims of the Falklands War and the Gulf Wars (Particularly GW1, for the RAF's Tornados and Buccaneers) - hopefully Thunderworks will solve the Falklands problem with Jet Thunder, which is still alive, according to thier website 8)

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