EAW is still alive and well!

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Hi Guys.

It's been a long time since anyone posted here, but EAW is still going.

I've just released a series of German buildings, as we can now add hundreds more ground objects.

The railways have been given a realistic double track look and train in both directions now run. Track side buildings and termini can be added too.

PAW HR ships can be used at last and moving river and canal craft, and to go with this the number of tiles has increased as well.

24 bit 512x512 textures are now becoming standard, as long as you can run EAW in D3D. In Glide your restricted to the old 8bit 256x256 files.

The current EXE is available here:

Developments are continuing a pace, and I hope others will take the time to keep you guys up to date.
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Hi Njaco.

We have tested our latest version of EAW on Win XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and it seems to run quite well on most machines. Some OS / Graphics card / Drivers, combo do cause problems, but we can get most people running with a bit of tweaking.

The trick is, copy your CD to your HD, and patch it, you might be lucky first time, if not please post your system specs, and we'll help you get going. :)

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