Finnish Air War for EAW 1.28e released!

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Mar 23, 2010
Finnish Air War (FAW)

Main feautres:
- FAW Manager Program (FAWMan.exe) which automatically changes the frontlines and other files according to the date.
- 41 different aircraft types and variants with individual engine sounds are included.
- Realistic flight- and damage models for EAW1.28e.
- 3 different campaigns: Winter War 1939-1940 Continuation War 1941-1944 The Summer 1944 Soviet offensive: May 14, 1944 - September 4, 1944.
- 44 careers are available: 25 Finnish, 3 German and 39 for The Soviet Union.
- Careers with 56 historical missions.
- 32 different frontlines cover the three campaigns.
- A new world with airbases and targets accurately placed.
- 4 terrain sets are included: summer, autumn, winter and hard winter.
- Ground forces with trenches, artillery and bunkers that follow the frontline movements.
- War damage will show after the heavy battles at the Karelian Isthmus.
- Simple and easy set-up procedure.

Improvements in the 1.28e version:
- FAW updated to fully work with 1.28e.
- FM/DM updated to 1.28e standard by Knegel.
- Some minor skin and 3dz improvements for some of the planes.
- New action codes implemented for planes with moving flaps: Gladiator, Curtis 75 and P40.
- Some skins were accidentally left out of earlier FAW versions and they are now included: Fokker CX winter version with ski for 1941, Blenheim IV skin for 1944, Bf 109 G2 skin for 1944.
- Some screens updated to better image quality.
- 47 single missions based on historical events included.
- Terrain fix: Purple spots in some of the winter coast terrain tiles on ATI video cards. Fixed with additional bmp's.
- Some minor bugs corrected.

MS 406 from LLv 28 attacking DB-3's near Helsinki.


Fokker DXXI from LLv 24 shot down by a I-16 fighter.


LLv26 Gladiator shooting down a SB-2.



The railwaystation at Viipuri getting bombed.


I-153 attacking a Finnish camp.


A Big thanks goes to the guys in the EAW Code group that made the 1.28e FAW update possible, especially to:
Knegel and MrJelly. :)

And the update had never been possible without the handy editors by MrJelly!

I made the FAW update myself - except for the FM/DM update which Knegel did - but some other peoples work was included, please check the readme file for details.

Thanks to all that have contributed! :)

FAW is now available for download on the FAW page on my site.



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