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Mar 26, 2007
Dewoitine 520 Cross of Lorraine

Dewointine D.520_01_CROIX DE LORRAINE.JPG
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For the ones interested in the German used D.520 (LEMB)

"Where were the WNr painted on these aircraft?
The D520s usually had the WNrs on the top of the fin The Germans nearly always kept the original WNrs on Beute a/c. In the majority of cases they were usually applied to the fins when the a/c were repainted. But sometimes on Allied a/c they kept the original s/n usually on the fuselage for British or the fins for American. But frustratingly sometimes they were not re-applied when the a/c was repainted.
The aircraft's original c/n were always kept. However, If the Germans re-started the production lines of there own aircraft that had been built under licence they would give the a/c a RLM W/Nr. alongside the original c/n
Tom Willis"

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