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Anybody know if the "nerve stealer" writing was on the He 162 when it was captured? Or was it added by the Allies?
For what it's worth,
Most likely built at the Heinkel North factory, Rostock in April 1945, He 162 Werk Nummer 120077 was flown by Lieutenant Gerhard Hanf of II./JG 1 until the end of that month and features the apt word "Nervenklau" painted below the cockpit on the left side of the fuselage which translates to "Nerve Jangler". This nickname was applied by ground crew who took a tongue in cheek attitude to Hanf's noisy motorbike, which apparently disturbed their barracks rest on a regular basis!

It was there in 1946,


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I built the little Lindberg kit twice. One with the gear down and one with the gear up. Ah! Those were the days! 1/72 fighter pane kits could be bought for pocket change!

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