Eduard decals.

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Nov 4, 2022
I haven't used these before;I immersed the first one in water for the usual length of time(a few minutes)and attempted to slide it onto the model.No go,so back in the water.Tried again and it disintegrated!
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
This occurs if the decals are old or were storaged in a wrong way and for a long time. Also I have noticed that it could be a problem with the composition of the water in other countries. Here, I mean Poland Czech, this happens really seldom. Actually there is no help if these were shattered in the water. However if the pieces are enough large you may try to pick them up separately and move on the model where you can piece the markings together. Usually decal sheets should be covered with a gloss clear coat if you are not sure of their "Life history". This prevent against taking decals apart.. Certainly it has to be done before soaking with the water.
Well ... now you have to try to obtain a new sheet of these decal markings IMHO. But a couple of pics may help with finding of a better solution.
Thanks for the prompt and informative reply.I'm afraid there's no chance of resurrecting the decal,but I have a few that won't be needed.I'll your suggestion with the clear coat on these.I'll also contact Eduard and relay your comments if that's ok
.... I immersed the first one in water for the usual length of time(a few minutes)

There is noting like the usual length of time. Especially if it is a few minutes. Mostly it is not mentioned in the new instructions or booklets for modeling techniques. The old ones state it clearly while depicting the applying of the decals. A decal marking should be cut out of the decal sheet. Then it should be immersed in the water for a couple of seconds only. And then the decal should be put on a ordinary newspaper for a a couple of minutes. For small scales it is 1-2 minutes for the larger ones 3-5. During the time the glue should be dissolved and the marking can be slided onto the model surface. The newspaper is for removing of the excess of the water. If the decal marking can be slided you may check it with a brush trying to move it gently. If not you should put the decal on the newspaper again and apply some of water on the decal marking and wait a little bit. The good effect can be obtained with using of a warm water but not the cold one.

I'll also contact Eduard and relay your comments if that's ok

If you want, no problem. However they know about it I'm sure. At least you may expect they send you another sheet if you bought them from the Eduard directly. But who knows. Good lack.
More good stuff!I'll try that technique with one of the spares,that should determine which type I have.
Follow the input already, Also I keep my water on a cup warmer. You should always be using warm water, cold can cause this issue more readily.
I was just about to mention this myself, always use lukewarm water and immerse the individual decal for no more than 10 seconds then set on paper as suggested while the magic works then slide onto a smooth glossy surface for the best results. For the preservation of the decal on the sheet I use Microscale Liquid Decal Film. :D

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