Everybody move to Grand Prarie Alberta now!!!!!

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Tech Sergeant
Oct 3, 2005
In case you havnt noticed, the city of Grand Prarie is booming like a motherf*cker, the oil feilds and Methane refineries are deserate for workers actually everywhere is desparate for workers there, 84 houses are being finished a month, jesus christ A&W is hiring frie guy for 20.00 an hour, but more importantly, if youre say a welder from Ontario or the Maritimes get your asses over here, NOW SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!
lesofprimus said:
Id rather have Osama sh*t in my mouth while Saddam pulls the hairs from my balls than move to Alberta....

Come on Dan if you move to Alberta you would be closer to your good buddy Hussar and your favorite hockey team, Edmonton Oilers!!!!!

Maybe you and Hussar could go to a few games together......or maybe not.

lesofprimus said:
Ya know that sad thing is, that if hussars and I got together, we'd probably get along great.... Scary situation, but probably true...

loomaluftwaffe said:
wow dudes, salaries here suck like $250 a month is already high

you cant talking about 250 phillipino pesos a month? because thats really really low, because 250.00 PHP is equivalent to about $5.00 Canadian

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