F104 clip

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Apr 6, 2005
Here is a vid clip of the F104 development. This is one of my latest experiments where I have recorded from TV onto the new Panasonic DVD-R machine set to long play for a smallish file size.

Then I copied the vob file off the finalised DVD-R disc onto the PC and renamed it as mpg. Seems to be OK on my PC but let me know if you have difficulties.

This is about 19 megs so please be patient.


  • f104-vts_07_1_102.mpg
    19.1 MB · Views: 128
It might just be this stupid machine of mine acting up again, but I couldn't get it to play in either Windows Media Player or Quick Time. Anyone else have any luck? I'd really like to see this one. :(
nor real player , quick time or wmp can play it,
My WMP plays it, it only says it's 9 seconds long but it's longer and cuts off when he starts explaining that the shell ejected backwards, which caused the engine failure.

I download with DAP then it downloads it as a unknown file type so I renamed it "F-104.wmv" and it turns it into the WMP file, which is fine.
Here is a snippet to whet the appetite and for those who want to see what's up before download.


  • f104vts_07_1bit_603.wmv
    1.8 MB · Views: 56

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