F4U-4 Corsair maximum ordinance load

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Feb 23, 2005
I am trying to determine what the maximum ordinance (bombs-rockets) load was for the F4U-4's that saw combat in the last months of WWII.

By ordinance load, I am not including ammuntion. Just bombs and rockets.
Really great information. It says two 1,000lb bombs and a configuration for rockets but doesn't list the weight.

4,700fpm S/L climb rate at combat weight with 234 gallon internal fuel load and 4.9 minutes to 20,000ft. That's really impressive.
I am hearing the claim that the F4U-4 can and did carry five or six thousand pounds of bombs in attacks against the Japanese.

It sounds fanciful but I wanted a gut check.
I've seen films where Corsairs would haul huge bombs and napalm tanks and make stikes at forward positions, they didn't retract their landing gear! With no fighter opposition, you're basically flying a giant dump truck!
I've seen rattings for the F4U-4 at 4,000lbs. The P-38L also was rated at 4,000lbs but in war it was sent out on occasion with 5,600+lbs, it would not be unreasonable with a long runway available for a Corsair to be overloaded occasionaly. A lot would depend on hard points to carry the load with.

Here is a site with an interesting article on the F4U-4 (note the P-38 references) http://home.att.net/~historyzone/F4U-4.html The home page has some excellent articles on the P-38, Republic Aviation and the development of the P-47.

Vought F4U-4 (-4, -4B, and -4C) Corsair also carried 8 of HVARs or High Velocity Air Rockets and sometimes I'm sure they also carried two Tiny Tim rockets (Likely used during Korean War).

Tiny Tim rockets were used before WWII ended and later Korean War.
Flyboyj, the F4U has a dive brake position for its main gear. I.e. by selecting the dive brake position the main gear extends but the tailwheel remains retracted.

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