F4U Corsair Staffing Camera with Rockets

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Jan 25, 2022
I am trying to find an archival video that shows a corsair as seen from the ground during a rocket attack. It shows a ridge, then the airplane appears immediately rising above it and firing rockets towards the camera. Anyone know this footage I am talking about, and where it might be found?
As luck would have it, while doing a quick search for the video described, I ran into an interesting link that I don't think merits a thread of it's own due to lack of information but it is interesting, none the less.
Project Danny
Was a plan to send MARINE CORSAIRS TO EUROPE!!! Flying from escort carriers (sounds sketch to me, perhaps "transported on" was what they meant) the Corsairs would attack V1 launch sites using Tiny Tim rockets in July of 1944.
Apparently, when briefed of the plan, General Marshall stood up and said," As long as I'm in charge, there will be no marines in Europe.
Army vs Navy rivalry strikes again!

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