F7F Tigercat in 1945

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May 2, 2005
I'm looking for informations about the squadrons equipped with Tigercat at the end of WW2. Till now I've found the following, mainly from the web:

VMF(N)-531 at Okinawa from august 1945, F7F-2N night fighters
VMF(N)-533 in China from late 1945, F7F-3N night fighters. At the end of WW2 was in Okinawa with F6F-5N.
VMF(N)-534 trials aboard CV-38 Shangri la' early 1946, F7F-3N night fighters.

VMD-254 in China from late 1945, F7F-3P recce.

Any additional info? In particular, what about VMF(N)-532? Didn't it got the Tigercats? Any Navy squadron equipped with F7Fs?

Thanks in advance

Hi, my name is Bob. I was a U S marine activated from 1942 to 1945. I was a plane captain on F4U and VMF 111. To my knowledge, there were no F7F tigers in VMF(N) 532 unit. When were you activated? Im from staten island ny and I am 82 years old..
Pretty cool Bob, where did you serve in the three years you were active? Love to hear about your service with the Corsair. How were they to work on?>
I'm italian and I was born in 1975. I'm only interested in aviation. I found that in late august 1945 VMF(N)-532 had 7 F7F-2N and 4 F7F-1/F7F-3 on hand. Anyway they weren't probably used in combat.


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