F86-Sabre or Cf-100 Canuck which was better?

Which was better?

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Don't you mean F-86? Both were designed for two different roles but the F-86E is about 30 mph faster than the Canuck. The Orenda engine Sabres also used by the RCAF were more than 60 mph faster......
And what about the Australian Sabres, FB? C'mon, it had the same engine as the English Electric Lightning, although it only had one.
The F-86 was conceived as a pure air-to-air fighter and showed it's worth over Korea. Although it is evident that the 10 to 1 kill ratio claimed by the USAF was actually like 4 to 1, it was still quite evident that the F-86 dominated the MiG-15 over Korea.

An all weather version, F-86D equipped with 24 2.75 inch rockets was used through out the 50s and 60s by the US and several other NATO countries...

In my opinion, the CL-100 is a classic cold war interceptor, but as far as over all performance, versatility and combat record (something the Canuck doesn't even have) you're comparing a rather lackluster interceptor to one of the greatest fighter aircraft of all time. The RCAF deployed both Canuck and the CL-13 "Sabre" which over 1300 were built with many being sold abroad. If you want to compare them as a bomber interceptor, the Canuck was designed for that role, if you want to match them up fighter to fighter, I think the Sabre, Especially the Orenda engine CL-13 would have the CL-100 for lunch!!!!
You're breaking my balls here, Joe. *chinese accent* - what about the Australian Sabre? It must have been like a Sabre but with a kick up the arse. 23,000 lbs worth of thrust in those Avons!
plan_D said:
And what about the Australian Sabres, FB? C'mon, it had the same engine as the English Electric Lightning, although it only had one.

As stated in the other post - They were probably the most deadly of the F-86s, but the Orenda Sabres were very good as well - but the Aussie Sabers did have those Arden Cannons!!!
The Canuck was not better than the Sabre. In fact, the Canuck wasn't really even a great interceptor, as interceptors go. That's what it had been designed for initially. It was actually a mostly out of date design by the time it entered service. Don't get me wrong now, it wasn't a complete piece of crap, but it wasn't the best plane for any job. It was like a jeep: functional but not very fancy. The crews called it the "Clunk".

Canadair Sabre Mk.6's had the Orenda engine, but they never carried missiles or cannons operationally. As far as I've been able to find, they only carried the standard six .50 calibre guns. Some were tested with rockets I think. This is all just off the top of my head of course.
I think the F-89 and the F-94 (the F-94C is one of my favorite aircraft) were probably better than the CL-100. The Canuck MK 5 was able to fly a respectable 690 mph and stayed in services until 1981 as a ECM platform. 693 CF100s were built, I think over 3000 F-86s and Canadair Sabres were built. I think comparing the CF-100 to the F-86 would be like comparing a Corvette to a pick up truck...
Yep- heard of that too, the CF-103 - straight wing aircraft with an afterburner?!?! I think at that point you get a pick up truck with a huge V-8 in it, although I could of just pictured that thing firing Sparrows!!!
PLanD the Avon in the Sabre didn't have an afterburner and produced around 7,500lb thrust which was about the same as the Canadian Sabre. It weighed a bit more than the Canadian planes so I would expect their performace to be similar.
Oh, well that's just pointless then. Why bother puttin' an Avon in the freakin' thing if it's lacking it's afterburner. :rolleyes:
But does the plus 1,500 lbs make up for the increase in weight? And it'd be much better with 23,000 lbs.
The the CL-13 was the Canadiar desigation for the Sabre
Yeah, we always have to change things like that for some reason. Like sticking the red maple leaf in the centre of the McDonald's logo. We've "Canadianized" it. :lol:


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My god ...next you'll be sticking the maple leaf in your flag and saying you're a real country. :rolleyes:

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