Favorite levels

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P38 Pilot

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Jun 19, 2005
Auburn,Alabama; USA
My favorite level is the one in Denmark where you can fly the Mosquito and protect Doctor Bohr. My second favorite would be the Sea Lion level where you get to capture a German Ju 88 and go into german terrotory and blow up ships. What re your favorites?


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I had tried the demo of that. It was good until I upgraded my DirectX software and then it didn't like that upgrade. I liked that mission where you had to take out the enemy Stukas and Me-109s, not so much that bombing one where you had to try and take out those tanks that got difficult.
I like the one with the me-262 where you fly through the factory to blow up fuel tanks. Also the Normandy missons and the north Africa mission.
Mission 8 with the Mosquito and Mission 5 (i think) with the flying tigers and crates.
i like the midway level with the sturdy old wildcat.until you climb in the dauntless and get the living hell shot out of you on the way to dive bomb the hiryu.
tell me about it lol.
btw i liked using the p-38 on the level in burma or siam i can never remember which one where you go and collect the shot down tigers and pauline.its good to see yourself and trevor in p-38s and the rest in p-40s.
My favorite level was flying with the Flying Tigers, man you can't beat that. But my second favorite was flying that Ju 88 into the German territory and blowing the hell out of those ships. :twisted:
I beat the game in a rather short time, and got to truly replay many leves, often involving four letter words due to losses...midway was easily the hardest mission, though i like the creativity of the last one, with the giant aircraft with parasite jets, and the wasserfall SAMs.
I live in British Columbia Canada,so i like the Heavy water mission with the ME262s at the end.The mountains...Midway level was HARD...lots of 4 letter and other expletives in that level.Same as the factory mission one too.used the pancake plane for that one...a bit easier.
Have you tried to shoot down a propeller fighter with an Xwing or a Tie fighter? Not properly a level, but it's funny when you get those bonus aircraft
All the levels are great!! :D Midway though.... :evil: . The challenges were awesome, except for the one titled "Scramble", I have yet to pass that one. The D-Day levels will be conquered at a later time!!
Your having trouble with "Scramble"? Man, must have broken something in my game, because with the 262 at maximum speed upgrades and turning upgrades (leaving the armor as is) it seemed pretty simple to me. Then again, I follow the doctrorine of America's leading ace, ala shooting only when I have a definite shot.

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