**** FINISHED: GB-57 1/48 Bf 109G-6/AS, Finland - WW2 Foreign Service

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Ralph Haus

Tech Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Eduard
Model: Bf 109G-6/AS
Scale: 1:48

Despite the decal hiccup (Eduard defect, replaced), this build turned out fairly well, for me. Had to do a good deal of squinting; this to be a non-problem in the future, hopefully.

GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  port.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  port rear.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  starboard.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  starboard rear.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS front.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  rear.jpg
GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  bottom.jpg

And for good measure

GB57 Bf109G-6 AS  starboard profile.jpg
Thanks. Closest that I would have would be a Hobby Lobby; but they do have a large area with threads and things. Silver?
I've always visulised it as being woven aluminium wire and not sleeved, so if displaying a newish aircraft it would be okay but if a well flown machine you just lightly brush the wire with an oily wash, dust or dry brush paint. :D I could be wrong about the aluminium and sleeve, its all assumption or guess work on my part. :D
Thank you. Question what material or product are you using for antenna wire? I found some thread in the wife's kit that seemed scale-ish enough, just fuzzy and had to be tamed with some paint.

There is a lot of threads that can be used as the antenna wire. The most popular are these of the EZ line strands used for rigging etc. But there are of other manufacturers available. Just a matter of the country and price. However you don't need to buy them because there are other sources for obtaining threads. For instance you may stretch a such string using a warmed up piece of a sprue. The kind of the thread may be really very thin, even like a hair or less. As memo serves I have posted somewhere on the forum a couple of pics with a such stretched thread.
The general rule for using of any thread for the antenna wire is to avoid these of the cotton for instance. Just the "wire" can't be comose. Personally I use the threads ripped out of a woman's thin tights or stockings. When ripped out these look like being puffy but when stretched tight the string is very smooth and thin. It can be glued with the CA or a polystyrene adhesive or just the nitrocellulose thinner (acetone).
The colour of the antenna wire .. it can be noticed in many pics that the wires aren't silver. The colour is something like between black and brown of some grey tinge. Therefore I use the thread from the tights of the light/dark graphit or light/dark beige or tan/bronze tone. The colour range is offered by amost all manufacturers of tights and stockings what make the work easier. What is more the colour range helps with fitting the wire/rigging tone to the camouflage of a model.
The basic rule is that the thin threads shouldn't be painted. Applying of a paint makes the wire" more thick what results in out of scale appearance.

Here a stretching process of the sprue ( posts #12 -13 ) .... Attaching antenna wires

And the wire out of the tights./stockings .. 1:72 scale.


Tunred out well Ralph. I use nylon invisible mending thread, available at any sewing store. One spool and you're good for life.
Wonderful job. I would have shot my self trying to rig those wires. A nice touch.
Actually and surprisingly, very easy to do. If not for the 'challenge given' I would not have attempted it, but glad I did. Now all builds will have something akin to an antenna (scale being the operative here).

I tooth-picked a very small dab of super glue to the attach point, buried the end of the thread into it, held for a count of about 30 and let it go. Let it rest for another 5 min and then did the other side, laying the thread into the bead (and again a count of 30) and then clipping close to the attach point. EasyPeasy!!

I'll be looking for same on your next builds!!
Fantastic Ralph. I need something Finnish on my finished shelf. For antennae I use Uschi van der Rosten Super-fine rigging thread. Very stretchy and you get 147 feet on a spool
Wow. In my world (US) the fine is
0008". And you are working with the super fine!!?? I'll look for some, but will wait for the finals on the eye stuff. Again. Wow. Thanks for the link.

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