**** FINISHED: GB-58 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 - Night Fighters all Eras

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Ralph Haus

Staff Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model: Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 (kit A05218A)
Scale: 1:48

Only fitting to start with a bit of bio on the pilot, Frederick Hughes and his gunner, Fred Gash. Credit the information to Tomasz Gronczewski

Frederick Hughes was the fourth top RAF night fighting ace with 18.5 victories.

Hughes was 21 years old when, in summer 1940, the hottest days of the Battle of Britain came. He was initially posted to No. 26 Squadron RAF, but soon joined the 264th Squadron flying Defiants. It made him a driver for a gunner rather than classic fighter pilot, but he and Sgt. Fred Gash managed to create formidable and deadly team. On August 26th 1940 they claimed two Do 17s.

Later, when Defiants proved to be too vulnerable to face Bf 109s, 264th Squadron switched to night interception operations. In December 1940 Hughes and Gash claimed their first night victory. The next two came in spring of 1941. After that Hughes became one of so few Defiant aces but contrary to his colleagues he did not stop scoring after the withdrawal of the Defiant.

In June 1942 Hughes was posted to 125th Squadron as a flight commander. There he scored one day victory while flying Beaufighter Mk. II and later another one day victory while flying Beaufighter Mk. VI F. Both kills were accompanied by radar operator P/O Lawrence Dixon.

In late 1942 Hughes and Dixon were posted to Africa to the famous 600th Squadron. There they scored nine further victories before they returned home. In July 1944, after a half year of staff duties, Hughes joined 604th Squadron as its new CO. Now flying Mosquitoes he managed to score two more kills over North Western Europe.

Hughes survived the war and stayed in RAF until his retirement from the service in 1974. He died in 1992 at the age of 73.

Now the photos and my comments. Thanks to those who cautioned on building, clean flash stubs and dry fit everything, this went together as easy as one could want. A bit of filing needed for some, but all in all most parts slipped together easily. And, other than a tiny drop, no fillers required. Well, except for the trailing ends of the flaps, and I may have misinterpreted how they should look?

Oh! I did make sure that I had the roundels right side up .

Defiant Mk.1 Port.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Port Rear.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Starboard.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Starboard Rear.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Reart.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Front .jpg

Some added views

Defiant Mk.1 Starboard Side.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Port Side.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Bottom.jpg

Defiant Mk.1 Top.jpg
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A note though .. the serial on the starboard has been inverted horizontally.
Oh NO! Being so careful, the large ones were a challenge, and now this! Obviously too late now, but thanks for the point out. -1 point I guess??
Can I collect my 'senior-moment' credit? And I was SO careful to get the roundels right!
Nice one Ralph and no worries mate your stbd number is okay down here but sadly the roundels are upside down........................................Seriously though Ralph, its a beauty and well done you and if I had my way I'd give you double senior points credit, that way I can claim a few myself. :D
George, thanks, as well as others that have posted. The black was the easy part. It was the flat final finish that gave me fits! Like wearing a black suit and trying to keep all the dandruff off!!
That's why I continue to wear white after Labor Day.
Great result Ralph. I built one of these for the previous Nightfigher GB and it was a nice kit. Well done 👍

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