First air victory of WWII

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Jan 29, 2005
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At about 7:00 a.m., (other sources say 5:30 a.m.), two P-11c's moved onto the runway. Just after take off, at about 300 meters altitude, the Polish fighters were suddenly attacked by a pair of German Ju 87B dive-bombers, from I/StG2 "Immelmann". Uffz. Frank Neubert , piloting a "Stuka" coded "T6+GK", sucessfully shot at Medwecki and scored probably the first air victory of WWII. "Jedenastka" ("Eleventh" - popular Polish name of P-11) fell, and commander of the "City of Krakow" Regiment was killed. Gnys was now also under attack, but a few seconds later he shot at a "Stuka" piloted by Lt. Branderburg. From the German aircraft there appeared some smoke, but it managed to escape into the clouds and returned to Nieder-Ellguth Airfield.


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The picture above showing
Epilogue: On August 31st, 1989, at 10:00 a.m., and after 50 years after the war, two combatants from either side met again - Wladyslaw Gnys and Frank Neubert - this time as friends. They were the first pilots to score air victories in WWII .
Gnys did not return to his airfield, but flew directly to the German border. A few minutes later, he noticed a formation of two Do 17E bombers from KG 77, probably returning from the Krakow bombing. The Polish fighter pilot attacked the bombers with the advantage of altitude. After a few passes, both Do 17 bombers crashed in the country village of Zurada, near Olkusz city. One of the bombers had the call sign "3Z+FR" on the fuselage. All 6 German crew members were killed (one was identified as Uffz. Klose). On the return home to base, Gnys met alone He 111, but his guns were out of ammo
That's a bit facile.

Consider that it was developed in the mid Thirties. It was simply of it's time - which doesn't mean it was a bad aircraft.

The fact that one of them shot down two modern German bombers in one sitting would suggest it really wasn't bad at all.
Well its news to me ;) You think Good looking planes are ugly, and ugly planes are good looing. Example:

Boomerang and P.11 - Good looking


Crazy said:
The P.11 is indeed a wonderful little plane

Hell yeah, on FB it turns on a bloody sixpence, you can take on most early war planes with it no probs.

Halifax, Lancaster, and most French bombers: Ugly

YOU THINK: Good looking. Youre crazy?! ;)

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