First deportations from Poland to deepths of Russia- 1940

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    00z.jpg In remembrance of the first deportations that took place February 10, 1940, in Poland into the depths of Russia. Many of our Polish soldiers were held in these camps and posioleks and by a stroke of luck survived the journey to join Anders army and become soldiers of Polski 2 Korpus. This poem is for all those who didn't survive and all those who lost loved ones.

    The Light of the Candle

    A cold, frosty window against the darkness of the night...
    A lonely candle burns with a small flickering light
    A small boy watches the flame with curious eyes
    Babciu, you lit this candle, can you tell me why?

    I lit this candle to remember someone I never knew
    Somebody I just heard about when I was as little as you.
    This is for my grandparents who never got the chance to see
    Their homeland again and a new world with just me.

    They lived in a time when their Polish freedoms were taken
    On a cold February winter night, all humanity forsaken.
    I only knew them from the many stories that were told
    How they struggled to survive with hunger and bitter cold.

    They never had the chance to get back what they knew
    Their lives were destroyed and there was nothing they could do
    Their last steps on earth were struggling to return
    And I try to remember this as the memory candle burns.

    I missed the warm hugs they might have given me
    If they had just been given another chance to see
    But in my heart I always felt their love stream thru
    And from my heart I give Babunia and Dziadek to you.

    They were warriors of faith and loved their land
    Their fate was unnecessary and hard to understand
    They were proud people, gentle and strong
    Trapped in a world where so much went wrong.

    When the 10th of February comes, remember this light
    And the story I will tell you about them tonite.
    May the candle burn bright and their memory survive
    As their spirit touches us as if they were here and alive.

    When I light the candle it is because I hope they will see
    That their story will be passed on down to you, thru me
    I can feel their smiles from the warmth of the flame
    I hope the lit candle will always make you feel the same.
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