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Apr 18, 2007
Last year I was able to live out a dream of mine. I was able to take a flight in a B-17 (Sentimental Journey) that the Commemerative Air Force was flying. I must say it was a real thrill. After recently joining this website, I thought here are some people that could really enjoy some of these pics and movies.
I will try to add the movie clips of the start up of the engines.

One comment I'd like to say though is for such a big plane there was not too much room on the inside See attached pic. granted I'm 6'5" .

I would like to pose this question out there for all the aircraft fans out there.

Have any of you had a similar experience in getting to fly in any WW2 planes.
If so, Would you like to share in the experience you had?

thank you

enjoy the pics


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That's a beauty alright. I have been in that plane a number of times, on the ground. I was just in the EAA's 909 about an hour ago. I will get some pics up tonight.

I have had the privilege of flying in, and receiving instruction in an SNJ-5 (Navy version of the T-6 Texan). I did a photo essay about it here:
Van Gilder Aviation Photography, SNJ-5 Flight Experience

I have also flown in an old Stearman to do some air-to-air photo work. I have to tell you, flying in an open cockpit airplane is an incredible experience!

Glad you enjoyed it, it is something that you will someday be able to tell your grandkids about.
Cool. Flying over the country in a grand old bird like that. Man, you look happy.

For a second I was wondering if the waist gun opening was open! Then I saw the glass.

I wonder if the WWII gunners were required to not be above six feet or so, because it does look very cramped for somebody above that height.

And I wonder if the crew got nice water coolers! ;)
Great, Id love to have done that GR Im jealous.
I was going to get a flight on one of Air Atlantique's C47's with the Friends of Duxford club but unfortunately it clashes with a trip abroad.
Thanks for your comments evryone. EvenGlider I know how you feel when you flew in the Stearman. When I went to the Ottawa Aviation museum, You could buy a ride on the Stearman. It was another great time. Got a bit of a shock when you looked over the edge. But I still loved it. I'm hopeing to get a flight on a Lancaster bomber that they have in Hamilton just about an hour away. Hopefully this summer.


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FlyboyJ, At this moment I can't Remember who was the pilot on that day. If you are talking to him it was on July 2 2006.
In Bar Harbour Maine U.S.

By the way the movie clips on the above post are of the b-17 starting up. and taxiing hope you all enjoy.

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