Fokker D.VII in 3rd Reich service?

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May 4, 2007
Florence, Italy
Hello everybody!
I read on a Polish book about WWII German mimetics and markings, there is some old Fokker DVII still in service in mid -Thirties, with code markings as a fighter... Anybody can help me to find a pic of this?
Thanks a lot!
I believe the Swiss were the last to use them. By the mid 30s however I can't see why the Luftwaffe would use them as they had far superior fighters entering service.
I didn't say Luftwaffe used D VIIs as fighters, I said they coded them as fighters... maybe some specimen returned to Germany in Thirties to be used as basic trainers, I don't know. The quoted author itself wrote about some DVIIs with code as D-IXXX (I haven't that book by hand now, so XXX are fake letters), and first letter "I" are for fighters (he found it odd, too)...:?: :?:
Perhaps they were civil regestered with fighter codexes to be used in a movie. Germany's civil regestration begins with "D" and as far as I know was the same for years.
The book's title is "Camouflage Markings - Luftwaffe 1935-1945 part 1" by JaroslaW Wrobel.
Quote from the book:
"Interestingly enough, some of the markings of aircraft built for training purposes (Fokker D.VII fighter from the Huffer Factory in Munich) had codes reserved for military aircraft e.g D-IHOT. Famous from the WWI period, the "Flying Razor" was, in 1938, still considered formidable military aircraft!"
Wrobel also wrote training planes had to get the "D-EXXX" code type.

Uhmmm... is the "I.D." D-IHOT an inside joke? :(
Don't now if this helps but I found this in the following book:

Jagdwaffe: Luftwaffe Colours, Vol. 1, sec. 1 by Eric Mombeek

pg 27

Markings of Aircraft and Airships 29 August 1936

a) Civil aircraft
German airships and aircraft carry the letter "D" as national marking, followed by a four-letter registration. Reich Air Minister may permit non-standard registrations for airships....

b) Luftwaffe aircraft
....On aircraft with non-military markings operated by operational units, flying schools and other Luftwaffe organizations, the national letter "D" is replaced by "WL", the other four registration letters remaining unchanged....

Whatever it was, sounds like it was before 1936. May have been for movie shots or restored for a museum.
US DVII used in 1923 and some Polish DVIIs and a Dutch DVII.


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Perhaps they were civil regestered with fighter codexes to be used in a movie. Germany's civil regestration begins with "D" and as far as I know was the same for years.

Yeap just like N is used as teh civil code for US aircraft, D is the civil code for Germany even today.
A good book to read up on Luftwaffe codes is:

Luftwaffe Codes, Markings, and Units 1939-1945 by Barry C. Rosch

D-XXXX is a civilian code. D has allways been the letter to designate Germany as N is the code that designates the USA in civilian aircraft.

There were Luftwaffe aircraft that were marked in Civilian codes though (mostly transport aircraft marked as Lufthansa aircraft).

German Military aircraft were marked as such:


Depending on the type of Squadron, Group, or unit depended on the what the letters and numbers meant and what colors they recieved.

Here is an example of an aircraft that belongs to a group containing two or more squadrons, or single squadron sized units:


5W = 5 Staffel Wekusta 76 (black)

B = Individual Aircraft Letter (black or white)

U Assigned Staffel Letter for unit (black)
Rog, did this book have a pic you could scan or was it just a description?
Sadly, it's just a description... alli I know about Thirties German D.VII is the citation I quoted earlier in this thread.
I'm a modeller, always looking for weird-looking profiles, so a Nazi Fokker could be a great subject! I can be a little speculative, but I don't know nothing about engines or other possible changes applied to a very late D.VII. In USA a lot of captured Fokkers were re-engined with American-built engines, maybe something similar happened with latest D.VII.
All I'm looking for is just a picture! :cry:


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