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Sep 19, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
Hey, Mac here, do you play any online WW2 games??? If so what? Please respond, cause you seem like a cool person, and I want a chance to talk jargon with you online.
I do when I can which is not very often (uni network doesn't allow it :( ). I only really play Battlefield 1942 online - specifically the mod Battlegroup42. I might get IL2 (and all the others in the series) when I get more hard-drive space (Laptop won't run it, desktop has no HD space). I also have Battlefield Vietnam but that is not installed at the moment because of the HD space shortage. That is it really. What do you play?
Call of Duty: United Offensive and Call Of Duty 2 (when it comes out). But I do have 1942, just not hooked up to the internet. If you see me you'll know it; I use the exact same name in games I play online.
Hey, if you get COD2, look for the Gamers Xtreme Arena. It takes a while to download all the mods in CODUO on that server, but it rocks! Plus there is no restriction on language, so long as you dont trash talk any of the clan members or admins (all 2 of the latter). Here is the said part, :cry: on my meager allowance, I cannot afford a membership for even a month (see: $10 U.S.) so, I'm stuck with the mascot position.
I will unlikely get COD2 as my Laptop (my mine PC at uni) will not run it plus the uni network doesn't allow internet gaming. I might get for use at home but that would be me playing only every 3 months or so.

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