For the OLD Furts....remember?

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I remember when most people only put snow tires on the driving wheels. But then I was stationed in Colorado in 1965 and a lot of drivers there put them on all tires. I drove a car with all 4 snow tires, noticed how much better it handled, snow or not, and from then on did it that way on my own cars.
when I was first getting into cars in the early 60's I was very conscious of the oddball cars. I went thru 2 Ramblers real quick. Then had a choice between a 55 Ford, a 52 Henry J, and a early 60's Isetta . I chose the Ford, and always regretted it.

Even in the sticks where I grew up you'd see VWs or a occasional Renault, and plenty of brand X American cars ( Hudsons, Kaisers, Frazers, Crosleys,, etc)
Then once I got into the Air Force I really began to see cars i'd never seen before. A lot of guys in the service would buy a foreign car when they were overseas and shipped it home at the end of their tour. The shipping was paid for by Uncle Sam if they had 4 years or more service.

My older brother was staioned in Germany in about 1960, had a 54 Ford Tanus shipped back when he returned.
I was very conscious of the oddball cars.

Almost bought a '65 Alfa Romeo Spyder for $125, but it was missing the camshaft cover and gasket, and there didn't seem to be any around to be had, so I invested my $125 in a '63 SAAB 750. It had 3 cylinders, 3 speeds, 2 strokes, and a tendency to beat Corvettes and Shelby GTs in ice trials, and occasionally embarrass them in parking lot autocrosses. The perfect Walter Mitty race car. "Run what ya brung."
there was a sunbean alpine that kicked around the county during the early 70s. it needed a tie red end or a ball joint and a couple other parts. I was in the parts business but neither I nor anyone else could find the stuff. the car went from owner to owner...and each one would come in looking for those same parts. wonder what ever happened to that thing...

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